How to Submit Your Research Paper to OJS-Based Journal

Dr Danish Iqbal

Research & Development
International Research and Publishing Academy

This blog describes how to make a submission using Open Journal System (OJS). Because when a journal states, “Only online submissions are accepted” it never means a submission via email or sending your research work via WhatsApp. So here is to make an online submission process. There are two steps involved in the submission process using:

Step 2: Making a Submission

Step 1: Getting registered or Logging in to the journal site

Let’s learn what the First Step is

If you are new to any journal, you need to get registered yourself on the site first.


Make sure there is no Caps and space in the username.

If you are already registered to the journal’s site, you need to log in. Make sure there is no Caps and space in the username.

If you are forgot your password, do hit the “Forgot your password” and see your email.

Note: OJS sends two emails to reset your password. First contains Password Reset Confirmation with a link. When the link is clicked, the second email is sent with username and a temporary password that is to be used in the current password)


After the successfully login, here comes the Second Step.

The Second Step is Making a Submission

Making a submission button usually comes with Authors’ Guidelines and Submission Checklist that must be read carefully. (The View your pending submissions can be used to track your already submitted manuscript with their latest progress). The manuscript submission has five steps starting from 1. START


Please watch the video "Submit Your Research Paper to OJS-Based Journal" above for further details