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The Role of Vitamin D and Zinc In Facing COVID-19 Injury
Yazi Abdullah Jassim
 Babylon university ,college of science /Department of Biology , Babylon - Iraq
 Corresponding Author

There is no universal cure in treating patients with COVID-19. Although many countries have announced findings of extrapolation on the COVID-19 vaccine trial, it will be difficult to determine the urgent need for an urgent issue that will likely require several months, including vaccination. At the same time, a strategic, preventive, immune-enhancing approach should be considered to commit to strengthening the immune system to enhance host resistance to infection. Aim: This review article aims to review the current literature to explore scientifically discussed updates that stimulate the immune system as a prevention and treatment for COVID-19, based on its antiviral properties.

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Jassim, Y. A. (2022). The Role of Vitamin D and Zinc In Facing COVID-19 Injury. Biomedicine and Chemical Sciences1(1), 6–10. https://doi.org/10.48112/bcs.v1i1.76
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